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The electrical laminated wood is applied to the insulation and support parts of transformers and transformers, and is used for the pressing and clamping parts of the coils. It has the characteristics of good insulation, high mechanical strength, easy to machine and so on. Processing technology: qualified substrate - once soaking - two times immersion - rotary cutting - veneer drying - veneer shearing and repair - gluing and pre pressing - pressing. (using low dielectric adhesive, a plurality of layers of single plates, each single layer of 1.2-2.2mm thick, according to wood cross and parallel arranged in a crisscross pattern, blank group, high pressure press.) Scope of application: widely used in transformers, transformers, insulation, support materials. The utility model has the advantages of moderate proportion, high mechanical strength, easy vacuum drying, good solubility with transformer oil, and easy machining. The dielectric constant is close to the transformer oil, and the insulation coordination is reasonable, so that the transformer can be used for a long time at a transformer of 105 degrees centigrade. Under the action of external force and strong electric field, it will not break and will not be broken. At present, domestic and foreign widely used electrical laminated wood materials to make insulating structural components, such as: upper and lower pressure plate, lead bracket, iron yoke pad, coil insulation plate, yoke clamp, etc.. It is used to make clamp in transformer, instead of steel plate, insulation board, epoxy board, and application in this respect, thus reducing the deadweight and material cost of transformer.

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